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Okay so I want to show you guys how to completely conceal red, gross, pimples with makeup, soo here you are!

1.) As always to begin my makeup I moisturize using the Clinique Facial Moisturizer.
Next, I'm gonna use a Elf Pimple Zap thing I bought from Walmart. The main thing is that it is green, and green covers up redness. I just blended it with my finger.
3.) I used Maybelline Fit Me Conclear. Again blend out with finger or beauty blender.
3.) I just put foundation on all over my face like normal. I use Loreal True Match.
Then after foundation I used a second coat of concelar
Lasty I set the Conclear with a face powder!
Here is the before and after
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<![CDATA[iPhone Hack!!!!]]>Sun, 08 Nov 2015 03:39:58 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/iphone-hackOmg so guys I found this amazing little hack on my phone that can get my blog to link to your home screen and look like a app!!! 😱😱😱😱 follow these steps

1.) go to my blog PHBeauty and click this little button
Then click the "Add To Home Screen" button
then add it!!
and BOOM. There it is 😍💖
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<![CDATA[Coconut Oil]]>Wed, 04 Nov 2015 19:19:53 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/coconut-oilSo I just have to fill you all in on one of the greatest things I have ever came across. Coconut oil. It may sound weird but let me just explain hahah. So coconut oil is like the white thick stuff on the inside of the coconut and they sell it at the grocery. When you buy it you will realize it's not liquid, it's hard and solid. But after taking some out and letting it sit in your hand it will melt into oil. Besides that fact, coconut oil has sooooo many uses. I honestly think everyone should keep a jar in their house at all times. I'm gonna share my top 5 uses of coconut oil with you guys but if you want to find 100's more just go to Pinterest or Google and search "uses of coconut oil" and ALOT will pop up.

My Top 5 Fav Uses for Coconut Oil:

1.) Eye Makeup Remover... Yes coconut oil is the bomb for removing eye makeup. I just use a tissue and rub it in the coconut oil and then on my eye and bam makeup is gone.

2.) Teeth Whitening. So my trick to white teeth is take a spoon full of coconut oil, swish it around for about 20 minutes, and then spit it in the trash. This will feel weird at first but coconut oil doesn't taste bad by any means. This also is called oil pulling and is pulling toxins out of your body as well!

3.) Hair Conditioning Treatment. Every once in awhile I will but a decent amount of coconut oil in my hair. I let it sit for about 30 minutes and then jump in the shower and shampoo and condition like normal. This is good for your hair and it will leave your hair shiny and silky.

4.) Shaving Cream. If you want your legs to feel the softest ever shave with coconut oil!!!!

5.) A Moisturizer. The most common use for coconut oil is a moisturizer. You can basically just use it as a lotion wherever and it works even better. I also use it as a intense Chapstick.

Coconut oil is also a huge ingredient in a lot of DIY lip, face, and body scrubs.

Coconut oil is all around the bomb and serves many many purposes. You can find it at your local grocery I bought mine for $7 and it's the LouAna coconut oil. On top of being cheap you get a lot in one jar. I've had mine for almost a year and still haven't found the need to buy a new one!

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<![CDATA[Skin Care Rant!!!!!]]>Wed, 28 Oct 2015 02:23:22 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/skin-care-rantLadies and gents its time to talk about our skin! Your skin can literally make or break you. It is so so so sososososo important to keep your skin clean, and took care of, and in good condition. Your skin you have now is all you're ever gonna get, so take care out it now. So I am gonna try and give you some key pointers to keep your skin in A1.

1.) Clean your face every single night. No matter if you wore makeup that day or not ALWAYS wash your face. Through out the day dirt and germs get into your pores. Every day you want to wash your face and clean out your pores so they don't get clogged and cause pimples and zits. It is most improtant to wash your face especially when you are wearing makeup. I usually use the Ponds Cold Cleanser first to just wipe off all my makeup on the surface of my skin. Then after that I use my Vanity Planet spin brush and some Cetaphil to really get a good clean and sufficently clean out my pores. 

2.) DO NOT pick at your face!! I promise people if you sit and pick at your pimples and zits you will regret it so much. After awhile you will soon realize you have acne scars all over your face and they look HORRIBLE. Nobody wants that. Nobody wants a face full of scars. Nobody wants to look like Freddy kKruger. Nobody wants that in their life. So please don't pick at your face, cause you will get acne scars, and you may look like Freddy Kruger. Im just kidding. You won't look like Freddy Kruger, but you still dont want scars all over your face....   

3.) Wear sunscreen. PSA you can still get a sun tan with sun screen on. Full expousre to the sun can really damage your skin. You may not notice now but when you are 45 and have wrinkles like a 85 year old thank your self for not wearing sun screen or for going to the tanning bed. You can get tan from others things like self tanner or spray tans. Or just fake a tan with makeup!! You will be happy you wore sun screen now when you are 55 and still look 35. 

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<![CDATA[My top 3 fav eye shadow palettes ]]>Sun, 25 Oct 2015 03:02:17 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/my-top-3-fav-eye-shadow-palettesHiiiiii babes 💖 so I'm beyond apologetic for the delay of posting lately. Life has been hectic and I forget about stuff and everyone has been in this position and knows the deal. Sooo with that being said I decided to make a little post but I have lots to tell you guys sooo stay tuned 😏🤐

My Top Three Fav Eyeshadow Palettes:

1.) The Lorac Pro Palette Number 2:
Okay this eyeshadow palette is like my life. Lorac in general is just my favorite when it comes to eye shadow because I feel like they apply soooo amazing and blend flawlessly. But this palette, oh my, this is palette is the bomb. First it has such a good range of colors that you could do any type of look you wanted. From pink nudes to green shimmer this palette is amazing. You can get this palette at Ulta for around $45 I wanna say. But it's so worth every penny.
2.) The Tartelette Palette:
I'm in love with this palette. Nude city okay. Like the nude and mauve looks you can do are out of this world. I feel like this is just an essential palette everyone needs in their life. Like its amazing. This palette is $42 at Ulta!
3.) The Carli Bybel Palette:
This palette is last but certainly not least. This palette gives me heart eyes. Again, another really natural, nude, mauve palette done right. I'm just in love with mauve nude colors smh I'm sorry. Anyways this palette is FAB. Especially for the price. This palette is around $20 on the BHcosmetics website!
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<![CDATA[Common Makeup Mistakes]]>Mon, 12 Oct 2015 13:26:15 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/common-makeup-mistakesEvery great beauty guru has all been through times where they thought what they were doing looked good. Everyone has to make mistakes before they perfect what they are doing. So I'm going to be going through some common mistakes I see a lot in the makeup world just to help some people out. I am not talking to anyone in specific and promise this post isn't meaning to be offensive. I'm only trying to help, and if what you are doing is what you like best then girl do you. Who am I to have a say so? But anyways here we go.

1.) Dark eye shadows all the way to the brow bone. If you are working with a dark eye shadow try to keep it in your crease and under your brow bone. You want to use your brow bone for a light color to help bring light to that area and contrast your shadow. You want to use a light color on your brow bone no matter what color eyeshadow you are working with.
2.) Unblended contour. Ladies if you are learning to contour make sure you understand how important it is to blend. Blending in the makeup world is the most important skill. Learning to blend can bring your makeup to perfection. Sometimes you don't have to blend as much but other times you may have to a lot. But no matter what if you don't feel like your makeup doesn't look good just try blending. I use flat top dense brushes or stippling brushes to blend.
3.) Over drawn eyebrows. Girls I promise the less you draw in your brows the better they will look. Try sticking with your natural brow shape and just drawing a more defined arch and filling them in. Also remember that your brows are lighter towards the front and dark towards the back. Also match your eyebrows to their natural color or maybe just one shade darker. If you want your eye brows re shaped try going to somewhere that waxes them and ask them to shape them for you.
4.) Foundation that matches. Make sure your neck and face are always the same color. You can most defintley use a foundation a couple shades darker to make yourself look tanner. But with that said make sure your neck and chest area are the same color. It is easy to fake a tan with makeup just make sure you are doing it correctly so your neck isn't three shades lighter than your face. Trust me people will stare. I've done this lots of times lol.

These are just some of the main mistakes I see everyday. I'm only trying to be helpful and if you are making one of these mistakes it's no big deal. I have most likely made all these mistakes at least a hundred times or more times each. Remember as always follow my Instagram @_phbeauty for when I make posts and leave me comments on what you want or how you like this post in particular.

And P.S the pictures are all the correct ways of doing makeup. These pictures show really amazing makeup artist and their work. They are professionals that have been doing makeup for a long time. Everything takes time and practice. :-)
<![CDATA[Pinterest Hacks]]>Sun, 04 Oct 2015 20:52:40 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/pinterest-hacksHi love bugs so I just saw the absolute neatest idea on Pinterest and I thought I should share. Btw guys pls pls plsssss comment below some things you want me to write about. I'm at a loss of ideas 😩
the cutest idea for making cleaning your makeup brushes easy as pie. If any of you decide to do this post a pick and hashtag #PHBeauty 💕💕💕💕
<![CDATA[NYX ]]>Sun, 27 Sep 2015 20:35:36 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/nyx

Okay guys so I just feel the need to rave about NYX cosmetics. They are my favorite cosmetic line and I feel the need to just brag on them for a little bit. So first off they are so reasonable. It's hard to find amazing makeup for a cheap price but NYX has made it possible. None of their products are ridiculously expensive and they are all soooo worth it. Secondly they have a wide variety of good makeup. Some makeup lines will just have amazing eye shadows but nothing else super fantastic. NYX has it all and it's all amazing. From concelars to brow pencils and everything in between NYX has it all. Lastly they are so safe on your skin. NYX is one of the few if not the only drug store makeup line that doesn't do animal testing or is made with harmful products. They are safe and don't cause your skin damage. NYX is just such an amazing cosmetic line and they are always my go to. You can find NYX at your drug stores or Ulta and don't have to expect to spend an arm and a leg for good quality ☺️☺️☺️☺️

My "Best Of NYX"

(In no specific order)

1.) The matte black liquid eye linear

2.) The contour kit

3.) The HD concelars

4.) The Matte Finish spray

5.) ANYTHING LIP RELATED (lip pencils, butter glosses, suede lipsticks, matte creams etc)

6.) The single shadows and roll on glitter shadows

7.) The jumbo eye pencils

<![CDATA[Fixing Cracked Makeup]]>Fri, 18 Sep 2015 19:56:23 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/fixing-cracked-makeup

So everybody gets cracked makeup and it's the absolute worsttttt. So using this trick you can take any cracked powder or blush and make it look brand new :)

1.) Use rubbing alcohol and pour it into your powder

2.) Dab out the cracks and flaten them with your finger, tissue or anything with a flat surface. I used the cap to the rubbing alcohol wrapped in tissue.

3.) Lastly just let it dry!

Helpful tip if you have huge chunks of powder that are hard to arrange just break them up more with a a tip.

<![CDATA[Makeup Remover]]>Sun, 13 Sep 2015 13:57:53 GMThttp://phbeauty.weebly.com/blog/makeup-remover

We all know that having amazing makeup is important but having something to take it off is just as mandatory. My grandma recently came over to my house with a whole bag of beauty and cosmetic goodies. Among those treasures I found this little guy and let me tell you he is awesome.... This is the Ponds Cold Cleanser but it is intended to remove makeup. The best part is that it is literally like a lotion so after you use it your face has never felt softer. You can use this guy two ways.

1.) take a good amount of the cream rub it all over your face then just wipe it off with a wet towel or cloth.

2.) you can rub the cream all over your face and then scrub it in your face and wash it off with water like a regular facial cleanser.

This remover really is amazing and has shortened my nightly routine tremendously. It takes off any mascara as well and doesn't cause irritation to your eyes. You can find this cream at any drug store or store that sells lotions. There are a couple different sizes the smallest one is $4 and the larger one is $8!!